Amadeus Piano Company Services

Piano Tuning

Piano tuning by finely trained ears and hands. No machine can equal
tuning by ear. Only tuning by this method can compensate for variations
in scale design and different construction methods.

Piano Repair

Piano repair can range from broken or sticking keys, missing hammers,
or broken action parts.

Piano rebuilding

Piano Rebuilding can range from pinblock replacement, soundboard repair,
soundboard replacement, action replacement, hammer replacement, veneer
and cabinet repair and refinishing, keytop repair and replacement and
keyboard and keyframe replacement.

Soundboard Replacement

Soundboard Replacement involves the careful selection of mountain
grown spruce matched for grain and color and edge glued into a large
panel which is then thickness tapered, thinner on bass end, and custom
fitted to each piano in question. Often preceded by pinbock replacement
and bridge repair or replacement.

Tone Regulation

Tone Regulation involves the careful shaping of the hammerhead such
that each string is struck squarely and simultaneously. Preceded
normally by action regulation since a finely regulated action is a
prerequisite. Finally, the hammers are selectively needled for
evenness of timbre and volume throughout all registers.

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